Upside Down/ Une Vision Paradoxale

Upside Down/ Une Vision Paradoxale

Gregory Cumins’ blurred suspended figures are very intriging. The élégant fluidity makes a unique delicacy, sentimental and visual sensations at the same time

Anatomy of Gregory Cumins’ intentions: Fuzzy picture? Staggered prints? Digital captures? It takes a time to recogise Gregory Cumins as a painter. Gregory Cumins’ work is not photogenic. The phsysical meeting with the original painting is an absolute necessity. To offer a non-discursive experience throughout the duration is Gregory Cumins’ clear intention.

Upside down / zero gravity The figures are weightless upside down. The portraits are designed as reversals. Not a style, just a formal freedom to add more meanings.

Vibrating images / Time lag Gregory Cumins lines the offset figures. The portraits are both an illusion of movement and the feeling of time lag.

Lacunary Portraits / Partial Statements
Gregory Cumins’ subjects are anonymous. They float, quiet in 2D painting plane, without any narrative signs. The *aesthetic osmosis with the spectator speaks about the painting’s mystery.

Enigma presence / Das unheimliche: Gregory Cumins sometimes covers his Works with a screened polypropylene sheet. Lines lose all graphic sharpness acuity . Figures seem to be mooving away in the haze. *Das unheimliche questions the portrait perception Gregory Cumins transits a presence to an absence.

« Gregory Cumins draws this very well » already »: word or short line, essential that fixes the now and already yesterday » Laurent Boudier

Gregory Cumins lives and works in Berlin. He teaches painting at the Universität der Kunste Berlin.

Upside Down/ Une Vision Paradoxale

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