Claude Viallat - exposition personnelle
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Claude Viallat - exposition personnelle

Claude Viallat's painting is characterized by a neutral form, neither natural nor geometric, which is repeated on a free canvas, without a frame, determining the composition of the work.

Viallat's imprint is regularly applied to a variety of supports such as tarpaulins, tent canvas, upholstery or parasols and other supports that come before him.

Influenced by the very nature of the support (its colour, its patterns or its cut) he works with constantly renewed techniques of colour impregnation, such as painting, but also the solarisation of the canvas, impregnation, capillary action of the paint.

This simple form, tirelessly reproduced using a stencil and angled brushes of radiators on coloured fabrics, induces its share of randomness by its manual execution. The repetition and arrangement of this motif, unique to the artist, creates diverse spaces, modulated according to the play of textures and colours of the supports that carry it.

The summer 2020 exhibition celebrates 30 years of cooperation between Claude Viallat and the Oniris gallery. Claude Viallat's paintings have been regularly exhibited in Rennes on the occasion of a dozen solo exhibitions at the gallery but also during our participation in contemporary art fairs in France and abroad over the past three decades.

Claude Viallat - exposition personnelle

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