Travaux récents
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Travaux récents

Since his arrival at the gallery in 2015, Olivier Petiteau has continued his research on curves, diagrams and all forms of statistical representations. It is never a question of looking at figures or data for their informative character but more at the visual aspect of the graphic representation but also at the saturation caused by their omnipresence in the media.

In the background, geometry remains present in all his works. Olivier Petiteau likes to compare statistics or curves that have nothing in common except their possible aesthetic complementarity (" bees & BitTorrent " or " furniture and glyphosate "). He also asks us about the use of figures, statistics or graphic representations and especially their emphasis in modern communication.

Similarly, in the realization of his works Olivier Petiteau likes to surprise us with agile associations of materials diverted from their usual uses. For example, it can combine inlay elements in a delicate and precise way with another made of raw cement.

This exhibition of "recent works" highlights the multiplicity and recent developments of Olivier Petiteau's work.

The exhibition at the gallery is also an introduction to his solo exhibition "Capture d'écran" scheduled at the Cholet Museum from March 06 to August 28, 2020.

Travaux récents

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