Together as one

Together as one

n Casper Aguila’s photo series “Together as One” we follow a couple, a woman and a man, who collaborate on the domestic tasks and explore each other in an interplay of everyday-like situations.

In a combination of self-portrait and playful stories, the series portrays what the couple does at home. A depiction that transcends the normative gender borders in favor of a common, equal ground for cooperation and cohabitation.

Together we are stronger, together we must eradicate old habits and help each other towards the common goal that liberates us from restricting gender roles.

Aguila uses himself as a nude model; a reference to equality between women and men, where he breaks down the traditional role of the photographer. The body’s natural form is shown without censorship and regardless of fashion, ideals and norms.

We are together in this, we are together on this photo series, we are together as one.

The series consists of black and white photos, shot in low light conditions, with an old Pentax camera, flash, and high ISO.

All works are framed, and the unique works are painted with black lines, which frame the scenes from the couple’s everyday life.

Together as one

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