to.braid — to.gather
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to.braid — to.gather

From the entrance threshold we see lines, other marks and gestures, writing that organizes a landscape woven thread by thread. Inside, two large installations face each other: 'Relire-relier' and 'Suspectés d’hérésie'. The first is an inscription carved on wood that becomes infinite when the image of one of its faces hits a mirror. The second: a choral echo hand-embroidered on a large piece of cotton. 'Globe' breathes on the other side, through seventeen fragile and transparent glass fragments trying to agree on a way of belonging to the world.

Naomi Melville’s work invites us to a re-reading of time and history in order to notice signs, to gather the clues of a riddle or an unavoidable enigma. To re-read and navigate a time that has been expanded, to traverse the echo and accompany a steady workmanship, à la main. And it is the naked hand that tries to decipher the enigma, recreating it when it pierces the cloth with a needle, or chisels the wood with a gouge.

to.braid — to.gather

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