Tin foil

Tin foil

“These times call for a new way of leadership. It’s no longer enough just to focus on tunrover and earnings. The past has shown us that howwe live and do business in the world today does not lead to sustainability, fainess and healthy growth. We need to change our way of thinking. We need to develop new values and onjectives… and we need the people to show the way… Show your discontent and make some noise!”

(Tin Foil Agenda, 2019)

The Tin Foil agenda strives to think in new ways of organizing, creating a vital and progressive hybrid between capitalism, art, design, politics and activism. It’s a people’s movement lead by artists, poets and musicians making their comments to the world today in statements and visual expressions printed on the Tin Foil t-shirts.

The Tin Foil exhibition gathers all the voices together by showing the Tin Foil t-shirts made so far in relation to original works by the artists behind the statements. By doing this we strive to build a new platform for a free and open conversation, that will create a foundation for new thoughts and ideas.

During the exhibition time, on Thursday, October 24, we will host a modern salon evening, titled “Er paranoide altid et skridt foran?”, an open discussion about the consequences of the global surveillance society, where we mix artistic, scientific and political presentations into a powerful and entertaining cocktail, with talks by Anders Kjærulff (Journalist), Kristoffer Ørum (Visual artist), René Fléron (Civil engineer DTU Space), and Morten Vammen (Documentarist, musician and author).

Tin foil

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