The Unending Gift
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The Unending Gift

A painter promised us a picture.

Here, in New England, having learned of his death, I felt once again the sadness of recognizing that we are but shapes of a dream. I thought about the man and the picture, both lost. (Only the gods can make promises, for they are deathless). I thought about the place, chose in advance, where the canvas will not hang.

Later, I thought: if it were there, wouldn’t it in time become one thing more – an object, another of the vanities or habits of the house? Now the picture is limitless, unending, capable of taking any form or color and bound to none. In some way, it exists. It will live and grow, like music, and will remain with me to the end.

Thank you, Jorge Larco. (Men can make promises, too, for in a promise there is something that does not die.)

Jorge Luis Borges, The Unending Gift

As translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni, from the book “In Praise of Darkness”

The Unending Gift is an exhibition whose starting point is the eponymous poem by Jorge Luis Borges shown above. A poem about the gift and the absence of the work, two subjects which open up vast possibilities for reflection and dreaming. These two notions illustrate the issues raised during the gallery’s ten-year existence. Ten years of fabulous projects thanks to artists without whom nothing would have been or would be possible and thanks to you, the public, who have been unwavering in your encouragement and support for the gallery. We wish to thank them. And we wish to thank you. The Unending Gift. An evocative title. The exhibition aims to emphasize the unending gift that any artist gives by creating and offering up his work to the gaze of others.

The Unending Gift

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