The Thing Itself

The Thing Itself

A group exhibition featuring text based and abstract works by Andrew Brischler, Jack Pierson and Rob Wynne. The title of the show is attributed to the William Carlos William’s coined term “no idea but in things” becoming the mantra for poetry in the 20thcentury. Williams held a distinctly unique style, experimenting with poetry to invent an entirely fresh, singularly American poetic. The accessibility of his language use centered on subject matters that were of the common place. Resonating with our exhibiting artists, abstracted and object-based artworks are used to create visceral experiences by triggering associated imageries. Using expressions from everyday life, each artist contributes a unique style influenced by contemporary culture.

Andrew Brischler creates bold, energetic works on paper and panel using almost exclusively colored pencil. Through his richly colored and laboriously hand drawn panels, Brischler’s work investigates the intersection of graphic design and abstraction. Brischler’s source material is culled from a wide swath of cultural references including book covers, vintage film posters, ephemera from long-out-of-print queer publications, and digital imagery in the age of social media.

Jack Pierson works in various mediums including sculpture, photography and video. He is best known for his word signage installations, referencing traditional American motifs such as roadside ephemera and small town life. Works suchas “DOB LOL OMG WTF SOS RIP” are comprised of individual letters, placed together to create compositions with emotionally charged words and poetic phrases.

Rob Wynne works made of glass, glitter, and beads, are lyrical poetry in motion - glossy and gleaming. Through poured and mirrored text and abstract installations, Wynne encapsulates fleeting moments of exhaled breath and meditative spaces. His hand-beaded drawings on vellum, each of which take upwards of fifty hours to complete, are an intimate counterpoint to the poured glass works. Adding to his repertoire of material use, Rob’s liquifying, velvety bronze “!” adds a playful emphasis to this group exhibition.

The Thing Itself

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