The Nth Degree

The Nth Degree

Daily screenings start on the hour throughout the duration of the exhibition and last for 50 minutes.

The Nth Degree is a new film by Emanuel Almborg based on a theatre project inspired by historical sources and documentary materials. The project takes the starting point from Almborg’s research into cultural-historical psychology, its relation to Stanislavski’s method and the concept of ‘Perezhivanie’; a unification of thinking and feeling and its application in both pedagogy and drama.

Almborg initiated an exchange between young people from Hackney, London and Mid Powys, Wales, realised together with theatre professionals. Inside workshops they used tools associated with the concept to approach the subject matter and develop a play that draws connections between two historical moments: The Rebecca Riots, a peasant revolt against tollgates and enclosure of the commons in 1840s Wales, alongside the more recent London riots in 2011. The exchange between the two groups was realised through drama to foster an understanding of the riots, alongside framing attendant issues around race, class, enclosure and property.

The play was performed in Llandrindod Wells, rural Wales, in the summer of 2018 and staged by Almborg and theatre makers Ralph Bolland, Lavinia Hollands and Gbenga Olopade together with the participating young actors: Jamie Baker, Doridan Nahoum Bavangila, Buck Blake, Priscila Siboko Bohe, Valentina Coley, Merlyn Hawthorne, Ellis Holt, Rhos Lapworth, Prince Owusu, Brandon Thorne, Liam Tooze, Caitlin Williams, Edmund Wozencraft, Mary Yekini.

Alongside the film is a reading room containing a collection of reference and research materials as well as posters, notes and flyers taken from the theatre performance.

The Nth Degree

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