The architectural constructions have shaped the way of thinking and living from the beginning of life in society, from the great civilizations until today, buildings have told us a lot of things of how the human being has been organized. They are part of our survival and part of our legacy too. From the temple to the myth, from the well to the water, from the home to the family, undoubtedly a way to shape humanity.

In this exhibition, Gustavo Díaz Sosa (Cuba, 1983) and Fernando Suárez (Spain, 1966) introduce us to their artistic imaginary that incorporates buildings and human figures as recurrent topics in their works; even though they do it from different disciplines, both of them take us to the same space of reflection where we wonder about the relevance of architecture and the limits of their imagination.

Gustavo Díaz Sosa’s works reflect about humanity and the moral and philosophical background of existence. Scenes full of small people complying with the stablished system, always assembled around big and magnificent buildings which radiate power. Dystopic compositions in which the artist intends to make the viewer reflect upon the imposed reality.

The pieces by Fernando Suárez reflect on the individual as a creator being who transforms its own environment. It is frequent to see in his works architectural structures often impossible to conceive by the spectator because of the challenge that they entail to the laws of nature, although they could be visions of an uncertain and wild future. Suárez masters iron with ability and develops his sculptures achieving the so difficult balance between volume and void.


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