Studio per un’alchimia

Studio per un’alchimia

n o a d d r e s s is pleased to present «Studio per un’alchimia» the first exhibition on the road by artist duo Saggion-Paganello. Featuring one new installation created in 2019. It is artist’s second solo show with the gallery. The exhibition will be on the road for four days in four different cities in four different regions in Italy. 'Studio per un’alchimia’ it’s consists of three metal bars balancing one salt crystal stone creating a new element that outside this environment it’s not possible to coexist in a way reminiscent of the alchemical process. The work is an attempt to think of a transformation of themselves, which breaks through old confines and opens up a new horizon, which itself has to be transcended in turn.

Exhibition on the road

Day 1: Sunday August 18th from 6pm until 7pm, Fondazione Lac o le Mon - via Cavallino 19, San Cesario di Lecce, Puglia.

Day 2: Monday August 19th from 6pm until 8pm, Spiaggia di Maruccio - San Vito Chietino, Chieti, Abruzzo. 

Day 3: Tuesday August 20th from 10pm until 11.59pm, Fortino Napoleonico -Portonovo, Ancona, Marche.

Day 4: Wednesday August 21st from 6pm until 8pm, Via Donatello 1, Bologna, Emilia Romagna.

Studio per un’alchimia

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