Splash of Love

Splash of Love

Love - whooshing blood in dark veins. Love - spreading generously, shedding abundantly, superimposing itself. Love - bearing colors, animates the light and the shadows, purifies us for life itself.

‘Splash of Love’, the new picture series by artist Pal B. Stock, plays with all the many facets of love and life. As in his earlier work, Pal remains close to what moves us, exploring life and its ephemeral nature. For Pal, we cannot have life without death. All living, even love, carries the farewell within. The end, the depths of which we cannot know, will confront us.

We must live here and now and not postpone. We must concentrate on what is and not on what is about to come or what has passed. We shouldn’t lose ourselves in the darkness of the past nor burn our wings in the glittering light of the future. It is the divine NOW that provides the power for transformation – the pulsing happiness of a gasp. There is no light if we deny the NOW.

Pal Stock’s work is immediate, reminding us to live here and now. Pal is an artist who depends on the moment because of an irreparable sight issue. For him, all that is far away is lost in shades. He has a ‘special spirit’ that reveals much about his life: "My day, my work is shaped by the search for light”. His personal visual perceptions are reflected in his art. Material plays an important role in this process. What is hard enough to endure so much life, so much love? What is flexible and soft enough so that they will not grow stiff? "What I touch should have a body!" Wood, glass, and wax are the elements that are brought together. They convey how Pal perceives the world. It is important for him to be strong, to deal with the material, to distinguish his work, and to remain true to himself all the same.

His pictures have nothing figurative and no rigid contours, but are interlacing, merging and, in a certain way, something conciliatory. His art displays an acceptance of what cannot be changed, and yet still contains the hope that enough time will be left to rebel. Pal embraces red. Red is the color of revolution - of rebellion - of power. "I still have so much to paint, so much to tell, to give: inspiration, love, affection.” You can feel the "heartbeat" behind his work. It is a beat of a pure lust for life – never superficial, but profound and deeply meaningful. Pal has moved away from the darker colors that shaped his earlier work. "I want color now, even in real life! I want to share my love." His images bear the Zeitgeist of love, which is so urgently needed in this world.

Jeannette Hagen

Splash of Love

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