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Laconic title of the exhibition opens a wide array of possible meaning: from direct link to artist’s name to the name of the novel by Viktor Pelevin or notation of time in physics. For Daukša, t became a letter to denote hybrid narrative systems. These systems form from several different stories on objects or phenomena and can be expressed by formula constructed by the artist x + y + z ≠ t (where x is a story you can check, y is a story you cannot check or verify, z is a scientifically accurate story, unrelated to stories x and y, and t is new hybrid narrative system, which differs from stories x, y and z altogether). By manipulating different narrative systems, applying different ways of connecting these systems and combining artistic expression with scientific approach, Daukša develops a theory, which both describes his creative strategies and becomes a universal tool to analyze the phenomena of wider fields of art, culture and science.

Current directions of Daukša’s artistic research and postgraduate studies are summarized by the project “No Limit”. Exhibition space is filled with moving, shining and sound producing creatures. Individually, each colourful, toy-like creature may seem cute and attractive, but chaotic movements and hectic noise of their group become intimidating, disturbing and creates the atmosphere balancing between a game and a nightmare. The artwork analyzes boundaries between art and entertainment, the biological and the mechanic, raises questions about artificial intelligence and hybridization. Movement of both creatures and viewers in the exhibition space provides a possibility to observe the relations between systems and their elements, varying from premeditated, predictable trajectories to spontaneous encounters, provoking new meanings and experiences.

Exhibition opening Thursday, 21 November at 7 pm. The exhibition will be open until 30 of November, 2019.

Opening hours of the gallery: Tuesday through Friday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. __________________________________________________

Update: On 29.11.2019 Tomas successfully defended his PhD thesis ‘System derived from equilibrium with the feedback loop’ today at Vilnius Academy of arts. He also introduced a new project - fantasticbigfoot.com.

Tomas develops a complex mythology of bigfoot community and their rituals, forms of communication with each other and the viewer. Referring to popular TV shows and documentaries about mystic or paranormal phenomena and using various narrative strategies, he fuses scientific facts and fictitious evident to create a hybrid system of narration and then tests its effect on art circles and gallerygoers. The result is not merely a study of spreading of knowledge and beliefs in real and fictional communities. Daukša also comments on broader issues of contemporary culture, offers insights on cultural production, reproduction and over production, questions the author’s status, and addresses the issues of art collecting and art market in general.

The Rooster Gallery’s events are kindly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality


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