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With disarmed impulsiveness & a metallic sense of seriousness will the German artist Thomas Kiesewetter take over Avlskarl Gallery with his architectural antropomorf creatures. With illusions of winking and movement they lure us in to a world of recognition and uncertainty.

Kiesewetter has as an artist seen the world through a very abstract lens the past few years - observed it from the perspective of an outsider, perhaps to be able to see it all in a bigger context. But no more. Kiesewetter has now realized that it is time to seek within, which has resulted in a more figurative direction - drawing parallels to the human body by illustrating elements as an arm, a leg & a head. The architectural creatures is given an individual personality. By applying delicate colors the vulnerability & beauty of each creature shines through only to melt & and become true to its purest form.

The art of “hinting” is only mastered by few. Kiesewetter is capable of creating sculptures that is hovering between the recognizable & unknown. Yet he creates space for thoughts & images to move undisturbed - an imperfect & subtle world lies open if we are willing to let go and just soar.


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