Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

The latest commission, by acclaimed artist Claudia Wieser. Shift transforms the ground floor of the three-level space with delicately crafted sculptures and collaged wallpaper, welcoming visitors to explore an ever-changing scene where the ancient and the contemporary conflate and collide.

Wieser weaves her own visual archive into a patchwork of found images and times, resulting in a collage of different pasts that both cancel out and affect each other.

The imagery referenced in her wallpaper design includes views of antique statues, contemporary portraits and film stills (including from the 1976 BBC series I Claudius). This juxtaposition of modern and antique characters draws on Wieser’s exploration of the enduring conditions of human nature — where age-old questions of culture, power, love and family seem relatively unchanged in the city of London as we see it today.

This gathering of objects and epochs is quite literally reflected back through the many-faceted materials installed in the gallery. At its core, Shift provokes questions about the different lenses and perceptions of past and present whilst inviting viewers to create their own associations and narratives.

Solo Exhibition

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