Solo exhibition

Solo exhibition

Morago's painting is characterized by establishing a very personal dialogue between his willingness to describe reality accurately and his interest in light, which deals in a very peculiar way. Use soft, cold and satin colors that convey a feeling of intimacy, silence and calm.

One of the artist's favorite themes are the empty and austere, serene and balanced spaces wrapped in a special atmosphere of light that he treats with multiple shades of gray and ocher. Often, these spaces open to panoramic views of cities, or reveal interior gardens and courtyards, where some plants, admirably described, and even some red flower, provide the contrast that allows to create a splendid harmony of colors and shapes.

From the capture of endless photographic images, the artist chooses the one that is most suggestive and transforms that scene - which, for a common observer, would be of everyday evidence - into something completely different: a wonderful painting, of great lyrical force, impregnated with warm and enigmatic atmospheres, almost metaphysical.

Each work is for him a new research exercise within his own discourse.

Solo exhibition

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