Fenestrated Shape

Fenestrated Shape

The exhibition is dedicated to porous insistence, floral directness, unwieldy interdependence, and rocky resistance.

Soft rock monuments. Each monument is an eroding form that is more like a body than an altar, a body being a collection of minerals and organisms in a general shape that is said to be mine. The hard part press against the soft parts.

Care vessels for common water. An orgy of ceramic spouts and vessels that render care visible.

Giving and receiving gradient (transition dishes) with Gwyneth Zeleny Anderson. Pitcher becomes cup, cup becomes plate, plate becomes spoon, spoon becomes pitcher. The dishes are relational, not entirely themselves.

In these and other ceramic forms, I'm feeling permeable. My shapes are both material and impermanent, like bodies, like earth, like the spaces within and between forms.

Fenestrated Shape

  • Roman Susan's Exhibitions 30

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