Solo Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

In this new body of work, the artist explores fleeting moments of nature and its landscapes. Relying on personal experience and memory, the colorful and fluid abstractions reference the unfolding scenery of her surroundings. Hoang’s paintings suggest a felt experience, while capturing the poetic wandering of our senses.

After moving north of New York City, I’ve become immersed in nature. I am aware of the weather and the shifting seasons. My home is surrounded by trees and a garden. Down the hill, there is a lake where we take the canoe out and listen to frogs, watch the turtles sunbathe, and float under the shadows of the overhanging boughs. In the fall, the backyard is a forest of brilliant yellow. As winter approaches, the lines of the branches become more prominent. Through the trees, I watch the ever-changing skies as the light fades into night.

My paintings begin with such memories and experiences of landscapes, which in turn, become abstracted through the process of making.

-An Hoang

Solo Exhibition

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