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Soft! The title of the exhibition refers in particular to the use of materials by three female artists and designers who work at the intersection of both disciplines: Marjolein Mandersloot, Mae Engelgeer and Joana Schneider. They present textile works in all possible applications, shapes, colors and even disguises.

Marjolijn Mandersloot makes new work that again creates a pleasant confusion, a humorous twist. Beastie Boys for example, consists of two meerkats that look like tough adolescent boys, whose leather jackets and pants appear to be kneaded in clay but are as soft as leather and cowhide. A cute cub-like animal has more than lifelike proportions and seems to camouflage itself with a dotted skin of soft, pliable cowhide.

The artist gives animals recognizable human forms and attitudes, in which she plays a game with the viewer. She blows up proportions, omits details, highlights figure parts, and opts for material expressions with surprising tactility. Her heavy bronze statues seem to be made of liquid candle wax, soft rubber or cuddly leather. However, for this exhibition she turns it around: the objects appear massive but are handmade of leather and animal skin. Ambiguity displaces recognisability; it stimulates the viewer to new interpretations.

Jewelry for the room

Mae Engelgeer is often commissioned to create floor and wall tapestries that have her characteristic handwriting and that have an applied function in the interior. For Rademakers Gallery she makes free work. For the new architectural objects, the textile designer elaborates on Lavish, the acoustic panels of graphic jacquard woven textile presented in 2019. As a starting point she took small test pieces that she weaved in the TextielLab in Tilburg as a material and color study. She weaves these beautifully finished woven strips together again until a kind of braid is created.

These intriguing, ribbed three-dimensional works are characterized by their aesthetic compositions and soft and surprising color combinations. Mae combines the voluminous hanging, lying or standing textile one-offs with, for example, high-contrast marble or onyx as a carrier. It results in exciting objects, jewelry for the space.

Dripping ceiling

Also Joana Schneider makes large textile works. We know her series of powerful, dramatic and touching masks made of colorful recycled fishing ropes and nets from the port of Katwijk. But her work is becoming more graphic and abstract. Especially for Soft! she creates a carpet. Not for the floor and no tapestry but a carpet for the ceiling. Her first spatial installation seems to float like a spaceship and is based on her earlier work: Pluis. The title refers to the series of long thin strands of polypropylene that fishermen tie under the nets to prevent the fishing nets of damaging when they drag over the seabed. Joana uses the material to create a ceiling work with the same title. It is, just like the previous wall works, suspended in a construction and is given the suggestion of movement. For the first time the visitor can walk underneath her installation that seems to drip or gently blow in the wind.


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