So, you too, like fruitcake?

So, you too, like fruitcake?

Anders Bonnesen, Eva Steen Christensen, Lise Harlev, Kasper Hesselbjerg Peter Kruse Larsen, Truls Melin, Lise Nørholm

September 8 - October 6, 2018.

So you, too, like fruitcake?

This iconic quote by the Swiss author Robert Walser was allegedly the only thing he had to say when he met Lenin in Zürich during the First World War. Maybe Walser's offhand remark is still remembered today because it strikingly encapsulates the tone in many of his prose texts and Microscripts: a blend of seeming innocence and eccentric insignificance combined with speculative depths.

As a title of Bonamatic's exhibition Walser's remark hints at a certain tone and ambiguity also characteristic of the works in the show, where the direct and the speculative co-exist side by side: the intuitive versus the discursive, the purely conceptual versus the physically verified, pleasure and performance, diversion and management. The works are not necessarily about Robert Walser in a literal sense. But they are congenial to the curious approach to life in Walser's oevre and in-sync with his use of humour, melancholy and apparent simplicity that on reflection is often many-layered and complex.

This is the first exhibition at the new exhibition space Bonamatic. Located in a former shop at Bispebjerg in Copenhagen, Bonamatic will during the next two years be the centre of changing exhibitions presenting different tendencies and groupings across generational lines and predominant criteria.

So, you too, like fruitcake?

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