Snug Outlooks on a Windy World
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Snug Outlooks on a Windy World

Snug Outlooks on a Windy World. How does this title taste; like a quote? It is not. Young artist Ahmad Siyar Qasimi composed the sentence of words he feels suit his paintings that likewise are composed by bits and pieces of reality he has picked up from here and there. He himself stands strong. He lives and works in snug Denmark, Copenhagen. From Copenhagen he looks at the world and finds that it is windy. With his artworks he shares these outlooks with us. All works in the exhibition are new works and you can tell they are from 2019. Nevertheless, they transcend specificity such as time and space. Had they been framed in heavy golden frames they could easily fit into the museums among the masterpieces by Bonnard and Rembrandt. Qasimi’s paintings are hyper contemporary, though. Critics have compared him with fellow contemporary artists such as Peter Doig and Richard Mosse. So, what does the artist see and what do we see when we see what he wants us to see: averted gazes. The people in the paintings do not return our gaze. Because they look inside themselves. Because they prefer not be seen. Because all kinds of things happen around them and the world is windy

Snug Outlooks on a Windy World

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