Sindets Struktur

Sindets Struktur

The exhibition Sindets Struktur can be viewed as an artistic and spiritual kinship that transcends time, showing how artists work with interrelated ideas and intentions despite the fluctuating nature of time.

To see and hear Sonja Ferlov Mancoba speak of her work on film; uncompromisingly and with dedication; is what inspired Kathrine Ærtebjerg to curate this exhibition, curated in collaboration with Anna Fro Vodder and gallerist Mikael Andersen. The exhibition comprises paintings, paper works, sculptures, and objects; all artist being represented across several different media. The convergence of these different media and the juxtapositions of the three artist’s works is one of the cornerstones of Kathrine Ærtebjerg’s curatorial focus. The exhibition Sindets Struktur has evolved into a desire to connect work through time. It shows a spiritual affinity that involves a deep respect for the shared human language of art.

Community between people was at the very centre and was almost a spiritual matter for Sonja Ferlov Mancoba; many of her sculptures, for example L’arche, illustrate this preoccupation. Her interest in the spiritual and shared humanity is also seen in her study of African culture, such as shamanism and masks. The question of how energy or life is transferred from artist to material concerned Sonja Ferlov Mancoba in the same way it today concerns Anna Fro Vodder and Kathrine Ærtebjerg.

Themes such as the banal, the impulsive, and the unconscious were elements of the Cobra movement; in Surrealism as well, a preoccupation with illuminating the unconscious was central. Sonja Ferlov Mancoba had an affiliation with both of these movements. The three artists in the exhibition are driven by the examination of the components of the human condition; they are consciously working to illuminate elements of the unconscious. All three artist are concerned with the relationship between mind, body and material. They explore the potential of art as a space for spiritual and human experience.

Using various methods, the artists in the exhibition confront how one can create a shape; an image that reflects these experiences.

Sindets Struktur

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