Silence hits in a flash

Silence hits in a flash

Silence hits in a flash. Tal Regev’s work relies on bringing up what lays underneath the surface: power, dynamics, control, and memory. The figures in the paintings leak auras, spilling into physical space to be held in a silent manner. At times, they invade one another pulsating tension between them.

Focus is on the body’s strong psychological impact through the medium of painting. Figures exist in undefined territories, oscillating in light washes of colour. Tal aims for the paintings to slowly unfold for the viewer, and to convey an experience of crossing thresholds as they reveal the sharpness under the surface. The figures hold power yet the possibility of their total collapse is latent.

Silence hits in a flash points at experiences which are transmitted through silence. Silence as a hitting force that sinks deep into the bones and structures of things, signalling its presence in overwhelming bursts.

The talismanic series Rapid Shifts will be part of Tal Regev’s solo exhibition: swirling snakes leave the body and pull out information deeply embedded in the cells. They cut cords and detoxify the blood cells. There is a healing element to the work, as a counterpoint to the personal experiences that infect bodies.

Silence hits in a flash

  • Alice Folker Gallery's Exhibitions 20

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