Salute to the Stars!

Salute to the Stars!

This special “SALUTE to the STARS!” exhibition boasts a sparkling constellation of art which will dazzle the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike with its incandescent renewal and regeneration of the visual realm. Soaring to new heights and pulsating with dynamic synergy and artistic creativity, these Chelsea Art Stars’ sophisticated, eclectic and profound representations of the world shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language. Highlighted by the glamorous and elegant Saturday, May 11th, 3:00- 5:00 pm “Salute to the Stars!” Champagne Reception, each shining Art Star has the unique capacity to circumnavigate cultural barriers and nationalistic identities as they translate contemporary global art while illustrating their views. Reflecting the revitalizing penetration of compelling global ideas in our culture, these cross-continental conversations in art inspire with incandescent aesthetic explorations of the visual realm.

SENSE US - A Solo Exhibition by LIGHTNING YUMEKU challenges the eye with expressive paintings which reflect the visceral qualities of humanity and nature by revealing a fascinating amalgamation of forms and shapes. Ignited by a dynamic artistic vision, this gifted contemporary master adroitly captures the dichotomy of man and nature through his art. His visual odyssey explores unconventional images of the spirit which evolve into a profound metaphoric message

​STARS ON EARTH is a sparkling exhibition which represents the apex of excellence reflecting the work of contemporary masters who offer an international perspective to the sensorial realm by illustrating powerful artistic interpretations of the world. Their imaginative quest for new artistic horizons explores inner visions of Nature, as they transform interpretive realms into poignantly mystical beautiful works of art. Illuminating the mysteries of the natural terrain, they offer unique insights into the wonderment of life. Belgian-born French-based photographer, ATRAYOUX searches to capture the magnificence of the animal kingdom. Atrayoux’s “Black and Wild,” photography series encapsulates the animal in their natural habitat, focusing on up-close-and personal portraits. GINGER SANDELL’s incandescent landscape paintings pay tribute to the treasures of the terrain, as well as honor the sublime majesty of the natural world. Inviting us to observe and to cherish the joy and beauty of the universe JOHN PETERS’s gold-leaf “Jerusalem Series” and “Magic Realism” oeuvre navigates a new visual pathway to viscerally pay homage to the natural elements of our universe as his gilded palette and brio brushstrokes masterfully inspire us to honor the world.

STARS FROM HEAVEN is a celestial constellation showcasing international artists based from Hungary, Denmark and England, whose incandescent abstract paintings intricately interweave a sublime tableau, reflecting an expressionist connection between humankind and the universe. This heaven-on-earth exhibition emphasizes ravishing juxtapositions of line and form as these masterful global artists communicate the the non-objective splendors of life and offer a parallax vision. Hungarian artist ANDRAS MENGYAN’s abstract paintings and sculptures pose a perceptual visual riddle with his geometrical-based compositions which focus on the boundary between what is internal and external. Russian born and Denmark based artist NATALIA ROSE challenges the conventional separation between the realm of memory, and the realm of experience, as she explores themes of identity, exoticism and culture through layers of color. Artistically aligned to the aesthetics of the seasons and nature’s tempos, British-based WENDY YEO’s acrylic abstract compositions visualize the spiritual inner visions of nature which are not readily apparent to the human eye. Tempered with a delicate ambiance, her works balance the fragile relationship that humanity shares with nature.

STARFILLED SYNCHRONICITIES introduces three distinguished artists who explore the contemporary human body and man’s position in society through a clever syncopated beat and a unique artistic perspective. Their masterful mixed media artworks possess a universal appeal through their emotional portraits. Vibrantly mirroring the energy of life, their important works invite the viewer to expand our artistic horizons to form new viewpoints as they explore the profound complexities of the universe. Maryland based artist RIC CONN sensitively expresses the female soul in his portraits as he speaks directly of mental health issues and their associated stigmas. Captivating the human spirit through the reaches of his artistic imagination, BYUNG MOO LEE’s oeuvre reverberates with the exaltation of and New York City, as he conveys a sense of brilliant emotion and adventure through his exuberant dioramas. Integrating the natural, the viewer is inspired to look beyond the expected or the mundane in contemporary life. New York City Social Narrative artist CAMILLE McMENNAMIN’s “Subway Series” is dedicated to commemorating the exuberance of the underground city life, immortalizing the iconic New York City subway riders. Overflowing with color, her vibrant New York underground panoramas harvest the exciting spirit, dazzling hues, and illuminated light of the people who inhabit the “City that Never Sleeps.”

​SYNERGY OF THE STARS is a stellar compendium that shines the light and unravels the mysteries of the natural world as seen through the artistic visions of two compelling artists who transcend cultural boundaries with their visceral oeuvre Encouraging audiences to interact with powerful and forceful compositions, the results of this dazzling survey are magnificent works whose bold intensity and dynamic truths communicate sizzling artistic observations of the natural realm which convey rich new lexicons. Drawn to scenes with high contrast or strong light sources, each painting is the culmination of a thousand different decisions, thoughts, and feelings that ultimately produce incandescent compositions of simple elegance and tranquil solitude. Capturing the dynamism and energy of life, OLIVIA KAPOOR’s surrealist fantasy paintings reflect a sensorial realm in which a creative mind can interpret the world and transmute it into masterful works of art. DARIO YAMAMOTO re-contextualizes a sense of the surreal with his striking, undulating dancing human figures, whose pulsating, dualistic mysterious imagery is imbued with imagination and creativity.

Salute to the Stars!

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