Sargent’s Daughters is pleased to present Rise, an exhibition of new sculpture by Elisa Lendvay. This will be the artist’s debut solo show with the gallery and will be on view through September 15, 2019.

Lendvay’s arrangements appear simultaneously fragile and strong, suggesting ancient shapes while employing modern refuse. Fronds, ribs and webs weave into sight. They may be permanent, but they may transform. As in nature, forms are fluid.

Lendvay’s objects are writ in water; a ripple might vanish in an instant, a bone turns back to bottlecap. They question the most direct way to approach a problem: could it be through Calvino’s “indirect vision”, allowing us to see the terrifying reality at a distance? The objects, hopeful, protect us, free us, even as they tether us to earth. We long to occupy their lightness.

systems of forms, inventories, arrangements


indirect vision

an image cast in a mirror

Mirror as portal, Mayans

inner and outer space

Cycles cycling

things found



Lightness and


(Anchoring, roots)

Standing, reaching, staying afloat


floating drifting rise Buds blossom into change


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