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This exhibition pairs artworks by contemporary artists working in various media with pieces from the past, demonstrating the continuing influence the past has on our present. The contemporary artists in this first part of the exhibition are: Robert Lazzarini, Ethan Murrow, Polina Barskaya, Peter Gronquist, Nancy Lorenz, and Rachel Lee Hovnanian.

Schlesinger says: “The past is never left far behind. Philosophers and scientists will argue that there is no such thing as the present because anything that is happening in the current moment is already in the past. There is only the past and the future, and they are intricately and inextricably intertwined.

In art, politics, and life, none of us will effectively move forward into the future unless we can learn from the past. Thus, the only way forward is through the lens of the past. Art history is not linear either. Contemporary art today looks back, interprets, responds to, and reinvents what that art should be for the future. There might not be a turning back but there is always a way around. What is most exciting and invigorating about contemporary art is just how deep and meaningful that conversation is and how much diversity of mediums, variety of themes, and innovations it generates. Because no particular style or school of art dominates the artistic landscape today, artists are encouraged to express their own individuality and ideas, and to experiment with and innovate the traditional materials and processes.

Rewind—Fastforward puts forward many questions to the artists in the exhibition and to the viewers, such as: How much are artists engaged with the past? What questions do they bring to that perspective? How does the past affect what they do today, and where they go from here? Rewind—Fastforward will present contemporary artists and their varied works in many mediums, from drawing and painting, to ceramics and wood, in conversation with works of the past from antiquity to early 20th century.”


  • Winston Wächter Fine Art | New York's Exhibitions 19
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