Retour vers le Futur

Retour vers le Futur

In 1985 the young Marty McFly helped by the extravagant Dr. Emmett L. Brown a.k.a “Doc” propelled himself 30 years earlier in order to fix some temporal paradoxes provoked by his actions in the past.

What a coincidence: we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of the gallery this year!

The exhibition “Back to the future” offers the possibility to travel through time, from our first years of gallery to the latest artworks made by our artists during the 55 days of lockdown.

From Robert Zemeckis’s movie we don’t only borrow the title; added to a certain taste for writing and words: humor, science and fiction, adventure, invention, extra and ordinary are all approaches of Art we’re claiming since the beginning.

The fifty artworks that will be shown in our two galleries, located at 33 and 36 rue de Seine, will bring back memories of former exhibitions and precious moments that we shared with all the showcased artists.

Here is a joyful temporal and generational mix, where masterpieces of the sixties dialogue with artworks of the past decade. This artistic guideline is the gallery’s signature since its creation in September 1990 with the inaugural exhibition “Between Geometry and Gesture.”

Retour vers le Futur

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