Rammet af Solen
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Rammet af Solen

Bricks Gallery is proud to present, Rammet Af Solen, a solo exhibition by visual artist Jakob Steen curated by Rebekka Elisabeth Anker-Møller. The exhibition consists of a number of new paintings, a glass sculpture and a book publication.

The different works unfold as autobiographical collage compositions with an introspective gaze that summarize sensory impressions and memories from the artist's life, materialized through his works. Jakob Steen's practice interweaves figurative and abstract painting, where contact is made with an experienced cosmic energy, which is embedded in the works.

With inspiration from various experiences and emotional states, Steen collects his memory archive through the work of watercolour sketches, which act as a kind of developing fluid in the visualization of his landscapes. The use of watercolour sketches as a prelude to the paintings thus becomes a method of transforming ethereal impressions into a sensuous idiom.

The exhibition title Rammet Af Solen (Framed by The Sun) refers to how the sun's rays create a play of light as they fall through a window as well as the way in which the sun, as a dualistic life-giving force, illuminates a landscape while leaving parts of the landscape in shadow. Through this sensory analogy, Steen portrays his personal story.

Since childhood the sun has been a recurring fascination for Steen, which later led him to settle in the Caribbean. A cultural encounter that was decisive for the development of his art where the sun, as a ubiquitous force, settled within him. In this way, the sun is like a conscious presence in Steen's oeuvre, born through colour synthesis on the canvas, navigated by memories.

This is the first time that Jakob Steen introduces a spatial element in an exhibition, here in the form of a glass sculpture that interrupts the white gallery space. The glass sculpture refers to the prism, which encapsulates Goethe's premise that colours only appear where both light and dark are present simultaneously.

As a summary of the individual parts of the exhibition, the book publication of the same title will provide an in-depth insight into the artist's practice through a presentation of works from his time in the Caribbean, photos from his studio and some of the countless watercolour sketches made on his way.

Rammet af Solen

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