Claire Tabouret is acclaimed for her figurative painting representing groups and characters, which may recall those of Romantic painting. The tonalities adopted by Tabouret are sometimes dark and sometimes acidic, making her practice unique.

The bodies painted by Claire Tabouret want to harm yet protect, feel, dance, thus opening up a space for the viewer’s sensitivity. The artist's previous series of works displayed at Almine Rech Paris showcased the theme of the couple.

For the upcoming exhibition, Claire Tabouret has returned to portraiture. Depicting her relatives and friends’ figures, the canvases are tainted with personal experience, unfurling a universe of stories and memories. Through this new body of work, Claire Tabouret continues to explore an intimist and introspective oeuvre.

Claire Tabouret was born in 1981 in France, and lives and works in Los Angeles. Currently, Tabouret is the subject of the solo exhibition If only the sea could sleep at HAB Galerie in Nantes, France.

Moreover, the artist recently was presented in Eldorama at Tripostal in Lille, France, in Les enfants du Paradis at MUba in Tourcoing, France, as well as at the Château de Boisgeloup and the Collection Lambert in Avignon, France, both in 2018.


  • Almine Rech Gallery | London Grosvenor Hill's Exhibitions 17
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