Pointed Consciousness
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Pointed Consciousness

Curated by Behzad Farazollahi

In 1983, Wilém Flusser wrote the book Towards a Philosophy of Photography, which in many ways is not a book about photography, but a political manifesto about finding an understanding of freedom in a programmed world. For that is precisely the photograph that art form must relate to in our extreme visual contemporary.

In 1989, Oslo Fotokunstskole opened the doors of the former premises of the old Freja chocolate factory. First as a painting school (The New Painting School), then as a photo school in 1993. Since then, the school has developed into an institution that has been a meeting place where several generations of experiences have been passed on in the old tradition of student and teacher. Through discussions about ethics and aesthetics, historical foundations, through collaboration, artist talks, courses and practical assignments, students have been trained to gain a fundamental foundation for raising their visual awareness as they have developed into countless new branches.

Tom Sandberg, Vibeke Tandberg, Morten Andenæs, Hedevig Anker, Finn-Serch Hanssen, Lene Berg, Morten Andersen and Mikkel McAlinden are just some of the few Norwegian photo artists who have been tutors and teachers at the school.

Now the institution is 30 years old and I have the honor of accepting the curated anniversary exhibition titled Pointed Consciuosness. The starting point for the curation has primarily been to show the quality of the artists who have continued with their practice, but also to bring out the variations of medium and expression that they have further developed.

With this as the backdrop for the exhibition, I have tried to find a core of what this visual consciousness really means, and how this is transcended through their works.

Pointed Consciousness

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