Ostaggi e amici
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Ostaggi e amici

'Ostaggi e Amici', solo show by Gaia Fugazza (Milano 1985). Her painting and performative practice explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment and investigates the supersensible nature of altered states of consciousness.

In her first show at GALLLERIAPIU, Fugazza discloses a world of images, figures, colors and meanings far from the contemporary capitalist and scientist aptitude. Gaia Fugazza focuses her attention on the value of other species and,-on the observation of natural systems- in a perspective defined as deep ecology by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess.

On display, a new cycle of paintings on wood characterized by primitive and raw marks, like the gestures that create them. Carving, modeling and engraving are practices repeated as rituals in Fugazza's work.The colors in these pieces are wax, crushed metals and stones, used both for their aesthetical and symbolic value and for their reference to geology.

Fugazza's works have an ambivalent relationship between the illusion of the painted space and the use of materials and colors related to reality. There’s an awareness of the sensible experience through the possibilities of intuition. Her imaginary is inhabited by hybrid characters: animals, plants, men with an aura of mystery and ambiguity, which we almost seem to recognize but never completely.Gaia Fugazza’s work fits into a timeless moment that allows to access to a vision that keeps vivid and meaningful the experience of the past and widens the observation of the personal and socio-cultural present.

These paintings have no shadows, they are linked to contemporary life, but inspired by archetypes of the past while possibly presenting themselves as propositions for the future. Gaia Fugazza's research functions on an empathic layer that gives access to knowledge according to languages and meanings between common reality and the reality experienced during altered states of consciousness. Fugazza's practice is an invitation to trust perceptions through our own presence, with our own body and at this particular moment.

Ostaggi e amici

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