Orí Odé
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Orí Odé

Ori is our spirit that returns to earth again, to try to become Orisha(God or guide), Ori Inú, is our spirit, and Orí Odé is the vessel.

All Orishas live within the human being, we all need a representation that of the Orí Odé which is the vessel of our spirit.

According to the Yoruba culture at the time of birth we have to choose an Orí Inú, that has a conical shape (like its representation, Orí Ode ’) and because of the conical shape of an Orí Inú is difficult to choose the one you want, which is a problem for the human being since this determine our destiny, which no matter what it helps us to fulfill our purpose to transcend and return to the energy of creation as an Orisha.

In this new exhibition, I propose to fill the room with vessels of the spirit, since each one of us house vessels that represent our temporary attachment to our earthly plane.

And also to the transcendence of our bodies to another plane back to the source of energy that created us.

With this I propose the creation of our Ori Ode, in relation to the environment that we live in, to which we arrived as part of the route that is our destination.

Orí Odé

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