Ofrecer la protección adecuada
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Ofrecer la protección adecuada

In 1994, by means of a specific modification of the 1988 General Urban Development Plan, a signed protocol led to the implementation of the Logistic Activities Area of the Port of Valencia (known as the ZAL). The implementation of the ZAL involved the expropriation of seventy hectares of productive land, the displacement of six hundred and twenty people and the destruction of their homes.

Today, some of the houses are still standing, grouped together on one of the pieces of land of a larger plot, which was left behind after the evictions and demolitions. These are elements chosen, protected and preserved for the staging of a cultural narrative that seems to have lost its own memory.

Offering the adequate protection invites us to reflect on the processes of patrimonialization, its forms of representation and the production of stories about the past and for the present.

— Text courtesy of the artist.

Ofrecer la protección adecuada

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