Obra reciente
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Obra reciente

The exhibition will consist of fifteen works created over the last two years. It represents a step forward regarding the last exhibition by Rosa Brun, which took place at this Gallery in 2016. In her former works, the polished and almost industrial finish, the angular planes and overlays and the strong interest in going beyond the notion of boundaries connected onlookers with the realm of contemplative and transcendental painting, in the wake of Rothko and Newman. The vibrant and contrasting - and sometimes radical - use of colour, however, has remained and also features prominently in this new series of works, which can be situated half-way between Neoplasticism and Constructivism, involving collage, relief-work and painting. The plastic and industrial appearance of these works has developed into an interest in natural qualities and textures. Both wood and paper convey all of their material intensity, whilst the compositions have become more dynamic and fragmented, in the style of artists such as Günther Förg and Imi Knoebel.

As pointed out by Juan Manuel Bonet in 2017 in the text of the catalogue for the retrospective exhibition devoted to Rosa Brun at CEART in Fuenlabrada, “if she has passed through moments in which she has almost seemed to emerge as a conscientious heir to the puritanical austerity of artists such as Donald Judd, there have been others - for example her recent exhibition at Fernández-Braso – in which her approach to cutting and questioning the support, her manner of going beyond its limits, are reminiscent of a certain kind of exercise in manipulating the elements of painting characteristic of the French Supports/Surfaces movement, which was so devoted to breaking down the elements of painting ...”

Obra reciente

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