Non - Space

Non - Space

“The group exhibition, showing 10 artists from Sweden and Peru, explores the notion of “non-space” from a philosophical and political point of view. Within every structural instability, the perception of ´fold´, be it perceptual or literal, emerges into a “non-space”. Be it through the filters of perception, the entracing pulsating stop motion video work by Nathalie Djurbeg and Hans Berg where a monochromatic waterfall greets you and slowly tries to break you away from mundanity, the variations in a study of reality and how we see it, the further questioning of what reality is, or the monotonous sound work by Jose Carlos Martinat that numbingly repeats the internet definition of “space” ensuring that you stay within the same frameworks over and over again like a tannoy announcement over the presidential square.

Elena Damianis’ work presents the non-space that exists only in pre-existing frameworks, the Peruvian landscape is heavily charged with myths and real history at the same time; the symbolic and the material, her work maps out these notions of history telling. Deeper historical tension submissively gives into the possibility of fluidity and movement, both gathering as rational and visual calculations of energy. Ilja Karilampis’ work restructures the over consumption of the day to day adventorial language and creates a vibrant and actively reactional hybrid between warning signs and new census readings. Ishmael Randal Weekes, presents a series of work that allows rationality to be reflected in its own distorted mirror: 16 layers of Machu Picchu posters sandblasted into almost unrecognisable submission, iconified, dissected, and segmented.

How many of the realities that we have created are confined within our pre-existing frameworks of our day to day realities and interactions? The exhibition expands on the importance and impact of the non-space as an artistic language and tool; the non-space of the endless infinite.”

-Silvana Lagos

Non - Space

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