No Condition is Permanent

No Condition is Permanent

The title of the group show No Condition is Permanent reflects the current situation and says that things are changing constantly. The title is upbeat, forward looking towards a different future. Many things will not be the same after Covid-19, but making predictions is a difficult task.

We asked our artists to contribute a piece to the show either done before or during the quarantine. All responded enthusiastically. They had reacted differently to the restrictions caused by the quarantine: some of them started to work intensively, others were more restrained. Their working situation, being in the studio on their own, didn’t change much, but some mundane things, like getting material, paint, canvas, stretchers became difficult.

Klodin Erb contributes to the show with a large painting in the first room. For her the lockdown proved motivating: she painted a substantial series of new landscape paintings.

Franziska Furter started to develop a new series of works called Banner and added sculptures to the series Minimal Surfaces which she had started during a residency this spring in Mallorca.

Slawomir Elsner paraphrases in his ongoing series of adaptions of Old Master paintings a jewel by Rembrandt depicting the painter himself in his studio in front of a huge canvas and thus reflecting on his own situation in his studio in Berlin.

No Condition is Permanent

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