Nile Song

Nile Song

Galerie de la Béraudière is pleased to present Nile Song, a solo exhibition devoted to the work of the visual artist Alessandro Twombly.

Born in Rome in 1959, the Italian-American artist lives and works in the countryside surrounding the Italian capital.

Having bathed since childhood in an artistic environment, Alessandro Twombly’s oeuvre is inspired by nature. The organic forms present in his work often illustrate partly abstract flowers with bright, joyful colours.

For his exhibition in Brussels, the painter has created new drawings and paintings inspired by a recent trip to Egypt. This series reflects the many impressions generated by his cruise on the Nile. Out of the memory of these wonderful landscapes emerge imaginary beings tied to the mysteries of this legendary river which since time immemorial has fascinated Westerners and left a lasting impression on them.

Nile Song places great emphasis on water, the liquid that irrigates the world and gives life to vegetation. The colours used by the artist contrast strongly with one another and oscillate between warm tonalities (red, brown, purple) and cold tonalities (turquoise, green).

In some of his works, the surface of the water and its depth blend as though in a section of the river. The sinuous strokes indicate the vivaciousness of the current and the joys of travel. In other drawings, the dynamic movement of the gesture and the darker tonalities convey a sense of power.

With Nile Song, Alessandro Twombly records on paper, as in a travel diary, the emotions generated by his exploration of the Nile and its landscapes. You can discover his journey until 20 July at Galerie de la Béraudière.

Nile Song

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