Nick Terry - Recent Watercolours
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Nick Terry - Recent Watercolours

Earlier this year, Nick Terry and I meet for the first time in New York City following an introduction by our mutual friend Catherine Walsh. After seeing some works by Nick as part of a group show at David Totah's gallery in the Lower Eastside, we looked at a suite of most recent paintings that now form the basis for this showcase. Presented to me on the bed of a tiny hotel room, that must rival designs in Japan, it turned out to be one of these rare moments in life when circumstance and chance came together; I was lead to make a real discovery. ‍ These watercolours, mostly small in physical scale demand a visual space far more significant than their size would imply. Indeed, the visual space or rather weight these works occupy has more akin to sculpture than painting.

It was the very process of painting that led Nick to discover the supports for these watercolours. A lucky circumstance perhaps, nevertheless, it takes a certain maturity to recognise that something magical is happening at the fringes and that this would come to offer a rewarding opportunity.

Nick Terry lives and works in Marfa Texas, where he and his wife the painter Maryam Amiryani relocated to from New York. In 2005 the couple commissioned architects Johnston Marklee to construct a purpose-built Studio. ‍ Marfa, a minimalist mecca, has offered Terry a unique place from which to develop his practice. Surrounded by artists who share a similar esthetic and the expansive Texan landscape seem to have inadvertently influenced his work. Each painting describes a microcosm and invites you to read into them, in a process that shares similarities with studying clouds. Some reminded me of seascapes, others of grainy fragments of photographic images that may have originated from Nasa or Archeological expeditions. Each seductive in their own right, they all share a restrained, minimal approach, that balances painterly processes with a deliberate chance.

This showcase was originally conceived at the beginning of the global pandemic and at this strange time it is poignant and particularly pleasing for our gallery to showcase works that bring such a wealth of visual joy into what sometimes feels like the big void.

Nick Terry - Recent Watercolours

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