My Gloomy Record Cover Store

My Gloomy Record Cover Store

“When I was a kid I lived in the outskirts of Vienna. In a very boring environment. The only fun was the local record store: “PLATTEN SULTAN”. Run by a very unfriendly man. He was not much interested in selling his records. Every customer was a potential enemy. Nobody was allowed to listed to the purchased records. I spent hours in that shop just staring at the record sleeves. Forced to use my imagination (and little knowledge about pop music). The image on the record cover had to reveal the content of the grooves. I created a very personal pop universe.

Tonight I’d like to share that experience with you. Create your own cosmos of music by decoding the images provided in my very special store.

Feel the echo of ignorance and curiosity that I felt as a 13 year old boy.” – BRUCE!

The record covers and the names of the bands were invented by the artist. His own youth experience could be repeated among the visitors of the exhibition: the record covers are empty!

In the medium of drawing, BRUCE! uses humor to address class identity and different aesthetics within different music cultures.

My Gloomy Record Cover Store

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