Multiple Views On The Collection - Spring 2020

Multiple Views On The Collection - Spring 2020

The exhibition Multiple Views On The Collection is an opportunity to discover outstanding works from the Majudia Collection. Based in Montreal, the Majudia Collection is a private contemporary art collection owned by Anne-Marie and Pierre Trahan, which includes works by local and international artists whom the collectors have met and whose artistic practice they follow.

Multiple Views On The Collection includes the work of Faig Ahmed, Genesis Belanger, Rodney Graham, Anish Kapoor, Oliver Laric, Ugo Rondinone, Claire Tabouret and Amalia Ulman, to name a few. The works featured in the vast rooms of Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal involve different mediums: painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video.

The exhibition is interested in the dialogues between the works, as well as the variety of points of view they engage. The multiple glimpses offered by the exhibition reveal different ways of understanding and foreseeing the world. Interpretations rich in meaning that we sometimes discover as we encounter a work.

Multiple Views On The Collection ignites the crossing of distinct universes and allows to unite practices and cultures, through certain elements constituting them. As a site for formal and semantic exchanges, the exhibition becomes a space where the imaginary and the sensitive experience meet.

Multiple Views On The Collection - Spring 2020

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