Meteorological Mobilities

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Meteorological Mobilities

Ancient civilizations had developed adaptation and resilience to climatic shifts and the ability to live in variable environmental conditions. Displacement and reorganisation of their societies were common ways of addressing destructive environmental conditions such as droughts, floods, sea levels rising and high temperatures. Examples of institutional means mitigating against food, water shortage and supporting human migration are recorded in ancient documents, indicating that climate migration is not a new phenomenon as historically human settlement has been driven by environmental conditions.

In today's environmental crisis which is shifting more rapidly than at any time in human history - one of the most important impacts of climate change on human beings will be displacement. Climate-induced migration is a global phenomenon that will increasingly affect communities and individuals. Coastal regions such as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, Sundarbans islands in the Bay of Bengal, Tuvalu in the South Pacific, Alaskan coast and many more are threatened by rising seas putting their governments and communities under pressure. Either due to sea level rise, erosion or desertification, people are called to urgently address the impacts of rapid environmental changes. However, dealing with changes requires more than regional spatial strategies and solutions, it demands economic and social reorganisation and a major retooling of our economy, institutions, infrastructure, in a global scale.

Contrary to mainstream visual representations of vulnerable communities at risk, this exhibition is urging for radical re-thinking on the way we act collectively upon climate change as planetary citizens. Far from promoting planetary catastrophism, exotic miseries and passive resistance, the works aim at raising awareness of climate injustice and challenge dominant political power of countries and corporations of major contribution to climate change.

Meteorological Mobilities

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