Magic Gilda, Magic Winter
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Magic Gilda, Magic Winter

Confirming the desire to propose projects that follow the cyclicity of nature, during the period that leads from autumn to winter, Gilda Contemporary Art presents an exhibition dedicated to the magical dimension of the fairy tale in relation to the melancholy and suspended atmosphere that characterises this season of year.

'Magic Gilda Magic Winter' combines the works of eleven artists who work with different formats and media, in a setting that unites painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation. The exhibition is designed to be like a living organism that changes over time, with additional works that will be added during the exhibition in conjunction with the special events that will be hosted by the gallery, giving visitors the chance to discover new stimuli every time, visual and symbolic.

As in a fairy tale, the exhibition space becomes a magical place in which narratives and figures emerge that arise from artists with different approaches, combining tormented and angular images, more lyrical visions and research that reinterpret the traditional imagination through popular contemporary culture.

From myth to fairy tale, the fantastic story in its many forms has always been the vehicle with which humanity expresses inner complexity, giving life to bizarre and at the same time familiar figures because it is part of our unconscious. Commonly associated with childhood, from its origins the fable also expresses the adults' inner life, reworked through stories and images that, as symbols of moods and unconscious drives, take on a double meaning, both playful and dramatic.

The archetypes of the fantastic imagination express the process of transformation of the ego towards greater awareness, assuming ever-changing forms even in the repetition of the narrative structure. In art as in the fairy tale, the imagination has a cognitive role, showing us our inner child in his fragility and his creative energy.

Magic Gilda, Magic Winter

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