Lighting light well
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Lighting light well

‘To put light on something and only on that, is already to exhibit.’ Michel Verjux, 2009

Solo show by Paris-based artist Michel Verjux (Chalon-sur-Saone, 1956) at Laure Genillard. Since 1983 he has used light as the primary medium of his oeuvre, employing theatre spotlights and projectors to construct seemingly physical yet impalpable environments. Through multiple profiles, cuts and fragments, his circular and truncated free forms are not just reflected light, but shadows and halos adapted to a given space and related to a specific moment in time. The ‘éclairages’ are pointed, framed and focused to create interruptions and interactions with different elements, revealing volumes and planes of the surrounding space. The plasticity of Verjux’s habitats, created through the pondered juxtaposition of extremes, is a negotiation of positive and negative, full and vacant, the lighted and the dark.

Lighting light well

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