Beyond the physical proximity of both entities, Las Ramblas and Petritxol Street, their beginnings coincide in time and respond to the growing cultural concerns of Barcelona in the early nineteenth century.

The need to create a music conservatory in a Barcelona in full economic and demographic expansion led to the conversion of the "Dramatic Society of Amateurs" in Barcelonian Dramatic Philharmonic Lyceum of HM Queen Elizabeth II, which added to the theater congress the Sing and Italian music. The success of the Philharmonic Lyceum, together with the will of a group of prominent members of the Barcelona bourgeoisie, carried out the construction of a new and ambitious theater, worthy of the importance of the city, which has lasted over more than a century and a half, on the site of the old convent of the Trinitarians of La Rambla.

Almost at the same time, in 1840 the Casa Parés began its activity as part of an interesting process of change in commercial models around the artistic object. The existence of a growing collecting in nineteenth-century Barcelona, ​​the increase in demand and artistic consumption by the bourgeoisie, as well as the increase in the population of artists fighting for their professional consolidation, marked the beginning of a change from the small establishment dedicated to the sale of prints, material for painters, frames and moldings, towards a new topology: The Art Gallery, making its great transformation in 1877.

In its years of history and its function as cultural and artistic centers, Barcelona has been fortunate, to be able to enjoy the best voices and the best brushes from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

With the joint LICEUS exhibition, we present the look of seven contemporary artists linked to the Parés Hall, who feel an admiration and esteem in verse to the Liceu's work and propose different interpretations of the Barcelona theater through its pictorial languages.


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