Konstnärens Mekka

Konstnärens Mekka

Sofia Tolis addresses the artist’s life in her work “The Artist’s Mecca”. She uses the symbol of fried sparrows flying into the gap on someone who just leans back and receives. The symbol, coined by the ancient Greeks, is the image of laziness as a deadly sin, to fulfill all desires without effort. It was then brought up in the 15th century in fairy tales, in parodic images of paradise, and has since become a concept.

The truth is that many artist has an uncertain future. She often works hard, is subject to worry, pressure and stress. furthermore, the lack of protection and exclusion in society. In addition, the art world templates and follow John mentality that governs.

The work shows the difference between the myth and what the artist’s life in reality can be. The name of the exhibition “The Artist’s Mecca” is based on this contradiction. The artist represents creation, free will. Without the art, what would society then look like? Sofia Tolis also sees “The Artist’s Mecca” as an incantation to break bad spirals and hope for better times.

S.P.G has chosen this specific period, midst of Christmas food excesses and purchase in abundance, to highlight the art for its own sake. Stand-by-view was created in the early 2000s on Drottninggatan in central Norrköping, where S.P.G showed a number of gallery window exhibitions, for example Leif Elggren, Matti Kallioinen and Peter Svedberg among others.

Konstnärens Mekka

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