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Jessica Silverman Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a monster group show, titled “Kinship.” The exhibition features work by its extended family of represented artists and artist-friends. It addresses themes of brotherhood, sisterhood, subcultures and tribes, twinning and aesthetic genealogies.

Jessica Silverman was introduced to art by her late grandfather, Gilbert Silverman, and his wife, Lila, who were the leading collectors of Fluxus in America. Their collection now resides principally at MoMA New York, but also at the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Heir to the Dada movement, Fluxus (“flowing” in Latin) was practiced in the sixties by a small network of artists based in New York, Germany and Japan. Fluxus artists embraced humor and made work that valued experience, accidents and ephemera. Together, they greatly expanded the definition of art.


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