Karel Martens in dialogue with Bruno Munari

Karel Martens in dialogue with Bruno Munari

As part of the CFALive gallery visiting program in Milan, Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam presents: Karel Martens in dialogue with Bruno Munari.

Loosely inspired by Nick Currie’s essay titled The Office and the Orgasm, Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam presents a selection of artworks by Karel Martens that take hijacked office materials as their starting point. This exhibition is the first solo presentation of Martens’ artwork in Italy, and it is organised in the context of the gallery’s residency at CFAlive in MIlan.

The Modernist technique of the objet trouvé draws its last breath here, as Martens rather approaches art making as the skilled bricoleur, the one achieving lots with little, the one making do with what there is; banal office index cards and found newspapers are turned into support for outstanding abstract compositions.

Martens’ artwork is presented in dialogue with historical pieces by another bricoleur figure coming from the edges of Modernism, that is Bruno Munari. A hijacked office photocopy machine is made artistic tool for his Xerox works, and functional algorithms are turned into procedures for paintings.

Karel Martens in dialogue with Bruno Munari

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