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Does contemporary art show what is happening in our life? Is art imitating life? Well, at this certain point it looks like these two questions could have the 'Yes' answer. During this pandemic, caused by Covid-19, many things had changed. And art is capturing these changes better then any newspaper photographer. Every single change is shown with a feeling, an emotion and asks plenty of questions, while also giving some answers. While all the galleries and museums are having they staff cuts, art fairs are no longer expecting such a great amount of visitors, as the fear of virus will be with us even after this pandemic will be over, and artists are leaving galleries - all this extremely harsh situation on artists is being showed through their artworks. For this virtual art exhibition 'Isolation', we tried to show these changes and you will see plenty of them - starting from the theme of isolation and lock-down, ending with a mixed feelings of depression and interest of what will happen next and how our world will look after all this will be over. The interest for this exhibition was huge. We are representing different artists, working in different media, and sending their artwork images from all over the world. Personally, I want to say an enormous 'Thank You' to all the artists who joined us for this exhibition. Stay well and safe!

Founder and curator of Bougie Art Gallery

-Neringa Mikol

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