Intérieur, pluie

Intérieur, pluie

Autumn’s paintings remained in Chicago and the Quistrebert’s in the studio, unfinished. Like everyone else, we had to adapt. Anne replied that she could show the bic drawings she was doing locked up in her apartment in Aubervilliers. Black shoes with square toes (which look like the ones Renaud and Charles wear), curtains and bars. Renaud moved his Villejuif studio back to his apartment in Belleville. I still don’t understand how he managed to paint such large formats there. He kept his touch and his strange systematic chromatic scales. Mathis had to flee several places before he found a studio. From a steep valley in the Pyrenees he sent us by UPS a smoky cocktail engraved on a musical score counter. Sara stayed in Marseilles, unable to finish shooting for Manifesta, and transferred us the video she made of her recent performance at La Friche, Tu Deuh la Miss. The film introduces us to the Hlel Academy which, in its role as a world leader in R&D in the field of emotional and sentimental rehabilitation, welcomes the forgotten of love. It is also near Marseille, well before the confinement, that Julien Goniche photographed these dark and overexposed images that sometimes look like rayograms. They capture his state of mind, locked up in an apartment in Paris. This strange context, however, allowed Julien Carreyn to find the original recipe for LSD, under the nose and beard of Albert Hoffmann. Levain obliges, he started to paint his instax prints and then to paint altogether. And Fongor told him, raising his paw on the immaculate foot of a deserted street lamp in Montmartre, that he would go back for a walk on rue des Cascades. So Élise ordered the Special Covid 19 kit from Raja, reopened the gallery and flooded the plants that had been suffocating in the courtyard for two months.

Anne Bourse was born in 1982 in Lyon where she graduated from the Beaux-Arts. She lives in Paris and has recently exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo, CREDAC, MOCO, CAC Brétigny, Fondation Ricard and the house of Élise Fourché (Giffaillaer Gimaer).

Julien Carreyn was born in 1973 in Angers and lives in Paris. He has exhibited, among others, at the Palais de Tokyo, FRAC Ile de France, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, CNEAI, Extramentale (Arles). He is the author of numerous publications and fanzines.

Mathis Collins was born in 1986 and lives in Paris. He has exhibited at Lafayette Anticipations, Longtang (Zurich), Treize, Palais de Tokyo and 1m3 (Lausanne). After two solo exhibitions at the gallery in 2019 (Marseille and Paris), he is preparing two more for autumn at 15 Orient in New York and at La Criée in Rennes.

Julien Goniche was born in 1984 and lives in Paris. He has had solo exhibitions at Photography Exhibit (Zurich), Shivers Only (Marseille), Komplot (Brussels) and Shanaynay (Paris).

Renaud Jerez was born in Narbonne in 1982 and lives in Paris. He has had solo exhibitions at Abattoirs (Toulouse), Jenny’s (Los Angeles), ICA Miami and the National Gallery in Prague. Recent group exhibition participations include the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, Palais de Tokyo, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery (Los Angeles), Kunsthalle Mainz and the New Museum.

Sara Sadik was born in 1994 in Bordeaux, where she graduated from Beaux-Arts, and lives in Marseille. She has exhibited at Voiture 14 (Marseille), Galerie Edouard Manet (Genevilliers), Palais de Tokyo and Karma International Gallery in Zurich. She is preparing an important project for the next Manifesta (Marseille, autumn 2020).

Intérieur, pluie

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