“I have made sculptures which I have given properties that I see as crucial for our bodies. Absorb, penetrate and let something pass through.

To make the sculptures I have been working with materials that I have used in the gym to explore and examine my own body.

Most of the materials are found and they carry a history. The materials have already been worked over in different ways by the body. Time has done its work. The element is ready. Just like that perfect tree to build a house out of or as a diamond that is yet to be polished. The material tells me what to do with it.

Out of those found components I have also made two-dimensional works which are presented on the wall. The works on the wall - including the paper collages - I see as notes and descriptions of personal experiences I have had with my body.

These are experiences of inside and outside, expansion and contraction, circulation and rotation; Sensations of different forces and dualities are in focus. One input and output.”

/ Olof Inger


  • Anna Bohman Gallery's Exhibitions 14
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